My Love Affair With Aviator Cat

I’m not the only creative person living at the House of Bristol. My son John is equally artistic. He is absurdly mechanically inclined, though, and is interested in pursuing robotics as a career, so I doubt seriously he’ll ever be a starving artist.

In any case, back when he was in 4th grade, he came up with Aviator Cat.

I think Aviator Cat is the coolest thing ever. And I have begged and begged John to write a book about his adventures, because, let’s face it, that whole The First Journey tagline is tantalizing as hell. But he will not do it. Not for love or money (I know, because I’ve tried to bribe him).

John loves airplanes, especially WW2 aircraft, so he’s given Aviator Cat some nice wings.

I wish I could invent cool little characters out of the (literal) air.

I’ve been saving these drawings, not really sure what to do with them. But today I was struck with inspiration.

I reminded John that my birthday is next Wednesday, and said what I wanted from him, more than anything, was a new close up picture of Aviator Cat, suitable for printing on a cotton shopping bag. I adore Aviator Cat for his whimsy (and also because it’s a snapshot in time, if I’m honest) and I want to have him around for a long, long time.

So John obliged.

I made a grocery bag, but then the wheels started turning. The other pictures are so cute. I would die if I lost them, or they faded, etc. So I got the genius idea to turn the images into metal Christmas ornaments. They are going to be adorable and last a really long time.

The internet is also forever, so I’m sharing his images here, too.